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Play with a keyboard, mouse or gamepad for improved accuracy. Customize your controls, enjoy blazingly fast graphics without needing a high-end phone & play multiple games simultaneously on a much bigger screen to level up quicker.


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Get your favourite Android games & apps on your PC in just 3 simple steps.

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Interruption-Free Gaming

Say goodbye to low battery warnings, phone call & text interruptions with Deskify’s Android Emulator.

Blazingly fast graphics

Deskify’s top-of-the-line graphics engine pairs with your PC’s hardware to maximize your gaming experience and deliver flawless gameplay for an even better performance than high-end phones.


Deskify gives you the ability to open multiple instances of the same or different games, simultaneously and across multiple accounts so you can gain the edge, act faster and power-up quicker.

Customize Controls

Finish first in your favorite Battle Royal games, improve accuracy and level up faster in arcade and shooting games with the ability to customize your controls on your gamepad, keyboard & mouse.

Free gaming on a bigger screen

Play all your favourite Android apps in seconds right from your computer

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